Long time no see.

A walk up the mountain to meet the man, open my bottle of grain, release the sand.
Never been to the shores but always seeing the shoreline. Tapping my shoulder saying ”All the riches in the world cant feed a poor mind”. Thank you for bringing me what my eyes have seen but hands not felt, you’re kind.
Information so ambiguous, open for interpretation. Contiguous conversations, building better relations.
Putting two and two together, like that’s the whole picture. When it first takes one and one to make two, go figure. But it wasn’t numbers that made you.
Letter and numbers are made because man had a will to perceive the reality around us to achieve, what the mind believe is true.
So many colors in life then why feeling blue?
Could you be, could you be love? Could you be hugged?
Released from the entanglement, bring the sound of your heartbeat along after i sampled it, and feast on the abandonment.
Words like drugs and I felt them kick in. Gave them a moment to sink in.
Not making sense don’t make me senseless. What’s up with all these defenses? Why is your past my present references?
Leaving with a good example, still leaves me leaving. When I’m gone, then I’m on.
I know that we hate this, leaving with a playlist cause songs sometimes tell our story better, being creative.
Put it on the wall. Nailed it. As time change so do we, shapeshift.
We were destined for greatness, but now we walk by the pavement, feeling like a vagrant hoping for an escapement. Want to be together but looking for replacement. Ending up with the same shit. Like life’s making a statement.

Afraid of going back to square one, to be seen wearing that old robe, but this time we wear none. All we’re bringing is that old hope.
Naked, like the truth, knowing whats real and no need for the proof.
So let us goof around, like using lettuce as a crown. Release the ocean of lust even if we drown, knowing that we’re down.
Make belief if we have to, to let us feel that sound, take-receive cause we want to, cause we really feel that we’re bound.

four-thirty in the morning, mirrored spark. Can’t remember last time we pillow talked. Only when I talked to the pillow.
Yeah, laugh at it. But we can’t quit this, like it’s a bad habit. Spellbound for the moment, Mad magic.

And then what? Living with change but afraid to spend us. Like we’re on our last nickel and dime. Can’t be fickle and try.
And all this ”Speaking my mind” makes us grow apart, cause what we should have done from the start was to speak from the heart.

See we don’t always listen to understand, but we listen to reply.
And things don’t always work as we planned, but we can always retry.
And if we really believe that we can, then all we need is to apply, that little will that we have that will change a goodbye to a hi.

Hi, It’s been a while.


Good energy

To be passionate about what you do. I always thought that the opposite of Love is hate. But it’s not. The opposite of Love is Fear. And through fear hate evolves as a branch. When we are afraid we become more withdrawn, and it even affects our dna and the entire energi vibrations we send out. And yes,it can be measured.
It’s out of fear we somewhat get mentally handicapped. Not daring to search for that job, ask for that favor, tell the truth, ask that person out. If we choose not to do from fear, we have lost it to begin with. The only thing that can happen is that you have to start from square one, but you’ve gained experience.

let me explain the way I do it best.

Passion – Without asking and not afraid to be flashin the glow it gives you. Live through passion, cause whatever happens, weather you continue fly forever or directly come down crashing. Passion – Let it come, compassion. Attraction is a natural thing that happens when you do it with… yeah u know where this is going.. Passion. 5 + 4 is 9, 6 + 3 is also 9. So the outcome is the same but there are different ways to get there.

We owe it to ourselves to not be afraid of life. If you’re not happy 6 days out of 7 then you are not where you should be or doing what you should do.

With your good energy comes a chain reaction of good things.

Law of attraction comes with passion.

”The greatest gift in life is life itself” If you can read this, you are alive, and that is amazing if you think about it. We take so much for granted. we tend to forget that we can smell, we can touch, we can feel, we can see!

In this universe of chaos searching for balance, a planet formed in the middle of nowhere.. and after million of years of heat and lava and rain and more rain.. and all that.. something (all animals , us included) lives that can see. Some say its the universe way to perceive itself and i believe so too. We are all as one. We have developed a ”self-awareness” where we define ourselves as a person, individually. But we are connected in a far more profound way. And the day we realize that everything will change.

One of the most powerful words in the world are ”I AM” cause whatever you put after it shapes your life.

I am happy, I am conscious, I am kind, I am loyal, I am driven, I am outgoing, I AM.

And so are you 😉

And hug more! Hugs are the best!

I sound like a hippie now I know. It’s way beyond my sleeptime since im working tomorrow. But I like talking to myself like this. Its like when I write In the end of everything I sometimes come to my own conclusion after all is written and not before.

Life works in mysterious ways and because we live it.. we do too.

Off I go.

Funny thing about love

Is that I see you in almost 80 % of songs out there in all languages. Made me think. We seek love but not always really know what we seek of.

Hear me out. Everything we do is because we think or we know it will makes us feel in a way. Going on a fast drive you know its gonna give u a kick, adrenaline. Going to a fine restaurant you know it’s going to be pleasant and probably tasteful. Even if you are a sadist you know hurting yourself is a feeling, if so a bad one but in that case bad is good..

Do we seek love because we need love? Or do we seek love because in the form of feel love is a strong, possibly the strongest one and there for it is widely spoken of, written about, encouraged and shown in all kinds of movies.

And if I get to add one more thing. To love in combo with feelings we search.
When you love doing things. playing the guitar, read, work out, collect items, skydiving.. what not.. you get a feeling when you actually take the initiative and do those things.
But to be in love and feel strong towards a person and that person loves you back. Then you are able to feel love without lifting a finger. In forms of surprises your loved one made for you. Or a notes she/he leaves behind in the name of love. Or wake you up with breakfast in the morning. Or the single kiss on the forehead before they go off to work and you are home sick.

Things we do for eachother. this is equivalent to the art of giving. If you feel joy from giving. Then in the moment when you give you get something. Joy, pride, happiness, compassion and so on.. And if from you giving then getting something back. Then by you giving then getting, not only have you doubled the joy, but you have quadrupled it. Why? Cause you feel joy, tthe other person feels joy by you giving.. then that person feels joy from giving something back and you feel joy by getting it.. thus 4 times the joy.

Evolve backwards evlove as in eventually love. As in when nothing becomes something. And through the name of love we can grow.

And that my friends, I believe why LOVE is so important to us. It makes us strive, grow, develop, evolve, inspire, self-reflect and be passionate about things. Even makes us stop being selfish. Unconditional love.

So if by giving you could quadruple something.. then don’t forget to give..

Don’t forget to give love 😉

Silent tone – The melody you don’t hear with your ears but feel with your heart. The beat thats not played by tunes but by your heart. Silent Tone the inner song built by your conscious mind.


Simple things

The complexity of what is naturally natural comes sometimes hard for us. To understand the simplicity of what time has presented for us. Tevolution – Things time take to evolve. Personality, persona, per person.
We search for that deeper purpose. That big meaning in life. That thing that we wanna strive for. They say sky’s the limit. But I wanted to be an astronaut. What’s meaningful is the depth of perception you have towards things. Does the universe judge you for what is important? No. It’s all in our perception of importance. We are shaped and formed partly from the society we live in, forgetting that our own ideas are not always our own, but ideas of others we subliminally made ours. Authority. If a doctor in a commercial recommends a product, what’s your natural respond if someone has a problem that one particular product could fix? Recommendation. Not knowing actually anything of it.
Simple things in it’s complexity. Mankind and it’s anatomy. The pollinisation from bees to flowers. The awareness, the moonlight. Is it so complex really? Or is it just that because WE are simple, we can’t grasp the simplicity that has been presented for us?

What wonders have we salved in 100 years? in 1000 years? will quantum physics be as clear as how to brew coffee?
Time will tell. i don’t know. But what I do know.. is that in all complexity the most beautiful things are the simple things.

Love, compassion, empathy, friendship, honesty, caring, philanthropy, thoughtfulness….

Simple things, yet so complex.

Cup of Coffee – Cup of conversation

That fresh brewed cup of coffee, sweet lights, good environment and a nice topic.
Let it be my treat, cause that good conversation is food for the soul that I’ll eat. Priceless.
As we contemplate over what next to conversate, the essence of our presence fill the room. nicest.
No thoughts about where it will lead. Yet we follow that little seed, planted somewhere in our history to grow and become the present conversation that will feed, our eager, hungry heads for hours. Conversations with flavor like sweet and sour.
Arome of the brown gold. Energy tenfolds.
As we continue, we don’t realize we’re driven into this work created by us. Everything is real, everything we feel in that moment is that food for the soul and we’re enjoying a meal.
Toodiloo, scoobydoo, dobidoo, howwedo.
Laughter. I think I understand now. Things may be predesigned but we are the crafters.
One step ahead, after.
As we create our own reality, realizing that the realest realism is not from the realist. Cause If We can get real for a moment in all realness, to become really enlightened and live the most realest. You need to realize that everything starts from a point where ”that thing” was unreal. unexplored and not in existence. So for it to become consistent, you have to understand that in the middle of ”A to B” there is an alternative reality, and realize that though A & B exist in the middle there is a distance. And that it is as much forever as it is instant.
Refill, we feel, time is ticking but in a way we’re still. glans on the phone, its all right thought cause tonight we’re beyond our comfort zone.
And on it goes. We paint pictures with words with our tongues as pencils on this empty canvas of time and room. Engaged to the moment we being the bride and groom.

The night is young and there is plenty more of that good coffee, a good conversation. And when we’re done we can sit back relax and enjoy our creation.

Thank you for letting me buy you a cup of coffee.


Vi sa att vi alltid kunde vara vänner. Tills någon av oss beskriver vad vi verkligen känner, i hoppet av att se om det verkligen stämmer. Att vara sann mot sin känsla och inte bara låta ödet bestämma vad som händer.
Ingen sa att det skulle vara enkelt, när hjärtat känner och hjärnan tänker. Magkänsla är länken mellan sanning och min sanning.
Som sedan leder till min handling av att göra mig rätt. titt som tätt.
En kombination av vision och att ta ton för att lyssna till sitt sanna jag. Eviga frågor för att få insyn till sina sanna svar och något att hålla en varm när man går igenom sina kalla dar.
Hand i hand med kalla kårar, rädslan för förlusten av att hamna i samma sårade tillstånd som får oss att hålla tillbaka till att börja med. Även om glädje är det vi söker vill vi infinna oss med någon som vi även kan sörja med. Någon som inte behöver fråga dig om du vill följa med. Sida vid sida, svaret är självklart. Ingen som tvingat oss, att vi är här är självvalt. Det Aktiva valet. Lämna den passiva salen och ha högt i taken och låta tryggheten i mellan bli den heliga graalen.

Så jag måste. För om jag inte gör mig rätt, hur kan du förvänta dig att jag någonsin ska kunna göra dig det?

Portray the image in the mirror

I get… what you’re trying to tell me when our eyes met.
Imagine the image of me in your imagination imagining amazingness.
We’re not so different but in indifference living with differences.
Something’s been missing, I tell it to myself all the time, but sometimes don’t listen.
Stay strong, do it by myself, but in reality I sleep with wishes for someone to patch up these stitches.
With closed eyes, more lies I see within myself and generate more smiles. For a while.
For a while there I thought you had me, gladly. Sadly for a while.
I know we have our differences but the differens is we live in different sens of reality.
Passionate within, rational will win when we realize the way we treat each other is considered a sin.
Follow your dreams.. So I followed. swallowed in streams, I bottled.
Let love be your engine, faith be your ending. And If it ever come across no more pretending.
No more pretending.

The person I see infront of me, is me yet it’s not me. It’s my perception of a reality. My reality.
Something I’ve awaited, something I’ve debated,something I’ve rated,something I’ve weighted, translated and something I’ve related.
someone I loved, someone I hated ,someone I robbed, someone I stated, someone I mobbed.. all and all someone I’ve created.

Me being me should be the easiest thing right? wrong.
How can one finnish an album when you yet dont know all the chords of the songs?
Working on it..
..You see
I will never give up you.
Because Man in the mirror, I’m the one you should live up too.