The First Page – Open the door and let it in

So many things I wanna say that’s already been said.
So many things i wanna write that’s already been read.
How can I feed a hungry head that’s already been fed?
Need to find the form shaped to be lead, out of desire.
I gotta admire those who rose out of the phrame.
Living with change but deep down staying the same.
Sharing the moments of glory, not laying the clame. Just to double the joy.
Life’s too short so I’m leaving the stain.
If life’s a continuant factor that will not change, what’s the point of going back the way that I came?
Not knowing the outcome and letting the way be the main…. way and not reliving the same day.

A life that was worth it.
a life I didnt forfit.
ways that I worked with..

A life that I worshiped.

Its all at your doorstep.

/Tonerelated ♪ ♫

Groovy baby!

The story to tell. Like when the devil asked me if I had a soul to sell. I told him I gotta have a place in heaven cause i’m already going through hell.  And how poorly he fell in to my agenda, and if he wanted a receiver he would have to have a sender. Let it go..

When losing focus  we need to concentrate and when the answer is simple we need to complicate. Not really.. why so serious , i need my fix… got silly?
Tickle the typical with some hot chili! ooo weee , its burning.. im just getting my earnings. And the more i learn the more i forget so now i cant see the big picture only the silhouette. aaaa shiet. like a game of roulette you win some, lose more but once it hits your bet, you’re set and life becomes a great gourmet.

Listning to slow songs to relax my mind and pass some time as everything around is changing.
Arranging for the better no matter if you’re a staller or a go getter, we all have times when head’s high or we’re crawling in the same sweater.

I would lie if I would say that I didnt like the sound we make pumping through the speakers.
Just like i love jumping around doing moves i really dont know in my new sneakers.
Jeepers Creepers , sneaky creatures sneaking up from behind, freaky features. Same people who wanna  stop wiki leakers! Preventing the truth seekers to reach their only goal to fill up the all mighty hole of truth and enlighten the soul of youths.

The greatest gift in life is life itself..

So thank you! Thank you mom, Thank you dad..  Thank you grandmothers and fathers.. And their grandparents for getting their groove on so we can move on in the cycle of life…

Groovy baby!

I ran to IRAN and then I came back.

The first set to be others nemesis, through out hard work and empty promises/
He came and “claimed” what never wasnt his, reaiming, renaming, regainig, it never was a bliss./
let me tell u this…Both of them men with big visions, but one of them made a big prison./
Now the people are alive but not livin, working to survive has cost dreaming./
Search of a bigger strive, lost meaning/.
It worked for a while but not even a judge decline a bribe, ive stopped breathin/
I would like to see open boardes just to see how many's leavin.

We all are in some ways.

As I reached the garden of wisdom I knew I had to ask the right questions.
Life had come with many experiences and alot of lessons.
Every tree and every strow had its passed.
Forever free or never last.
Now everything would make sense. no more daydreaming or awakened tens from speculations watched from a forsaken lens.

I said:

-Oh tree of wisdom long have I wondered from the single question up to the hundred. How does it all work? where should I begin and where should I search?

The answer:

My answers are just a reflection of me and the questions a reflection of you. To get to a conclusion all you need is acceptance.

without any thoughts about the answer

I asked:
– If I could make something undone should I then?
The answer:
– If you could do something again would you then?

Without a doubt I replied knowing that the answer that just was given me had nothing to do with my question.

I asked again

– What is the purpose of life?

The answer:

– Have you yet given it a purpose?

Not satisfied with the answer i replied:

– Why answer my questions with questions?

The answer:

– what if questions are answers? Then are you giving me answers?

Because you ask me and do not tell me I replied.

The answer:

– Who am I to tell you anything?

But you are the tree of wisdom and you have all the answers. Tell me !

The answer:

as you have all the questions I have all the answers. But to get to the right answers you need the right questions.
And to have the right questions you need to have figgured out some answers, and to have to got to those you have to had ………


more confused now then before I said:

– If I die tomorrow will I come to a better place?

the answer:

– If you live today is that place good enough?

I asked:

– Is love the strongest feeling in life?

the answer:

– you tell me.

I asked:

– Why is the world so materialistic?

The answer:

– everything is of materia.

I asked:

– How can I feel absolut joy in life?

The answer:

– Depends of what makes you joyful.

I asked:

– what is true happiness?

The answer:

– To be true to your happiness.

As I felt that I wouldnt get any real answers I thanked for the time and turned around to leave. The tree of wisdom couldnt live up to its name and give me the mental satisfaction I was hoping for.

As I was walking down the road a person came up to me out of nowhere and as I froze.

The person said:

– Oh tree of wisdom long have I wondered from the single question up to the hundred. How does it all work? where should I begin and where should I search?

I replied:

– My answers are just a reflection of me and the questions a reflection of you. To get to a conclusion all you need is acceptance.


Under that tanned skin

Never the less appearance can be deceiving. Getting that glanse of what we feel is real. The human nature and the way it works.

Looking at you, looking at me. Body worked out,check. Clothes bought just for the night,check. Dressed to impress, check. Makeup, check. Fresh touch of tan, check. The seducing smile on, check. Having me fooled, check.

And all night you check! checking me out checking you out. Checking the environment out to see if it has you on check. Check.

But one thing you couldn’t check was time and the truth that comes with it. That under that tanned skin of yours you’re just pale. And no matter how much you try to cover it up. Time do show your true colors.

A Dream

Just like Martin Luther King we all have one. Variation, insight, shape. It differs. We strive sometimes to fullfill them yet sometimes we let them be, just dreams. Are they beautiful because they are what they are? Or do they become an ugly truth as they touch the stroke of reality?

Dreams, sometimes they are what they are but sometime not as they seem.
Dreams, so attached together so we call them teams.
Dreams, different sizes and different themes.
Dreams, sometimes very small to very extreem.
Dreams, In all silence to that neverending scream.
Dreams, a surpressed reality or a fictionary sceen.
Dreams, from the sound of the steam to the taste of the caffeine.
Dreams, long to the sides of vividness or somwhat between.
Dreams, From the elderly to the dreamfull teens.
Dreams, Biological or as machines.
Dreams, held back or very obscene.
Dreams, a sight in our mind or even unseen.

Dreams. Beautiful and bittersweet. We tend to forget that even though we are dreamers.. to others WE also can be that dream.
As dreams come in many forms. Daydream, at sleep, visions.. ideas.
They give us what we give back. A dream is as much reality as we let it be.
I am as much as a reality as I am a dream. Nothing is for certain.. except… to always follow your dreams.


They say its just fictions, something made in a kitchen with designated scientists sharing a vision./
dedicated fighting skills tearing the wizdom.
Resolution before revolution, was their contribution to the ones that lead/
Not only taking notes for the ones that read. But to all that bleeds and feeling the hunger/
aint getting any younger,
so many tools we have been handed, so many new ideas come across to be landed.. taking it for granted./
And when it comes too, the moment of clarity we wish to undo. not living our fantasy , living untrue./
Not where we rather be,confused. Forgot what we’re gathering to come through, now left emptyhanded, unmoved.
so what we gonna do to make it happen?

We all wanna come to a level of standings, standing over or just understanding.
We’re givin the moment, the outcome rereflects our handlings/
Doesnt matter how high u fly if u cant summit the landing/
Its a difference between standing out and bein outstanding/
the next level/ eases.. or complex it all, breath it.. or reject it off!
We see with the common eye, patterns we set up that makes us upset could instead summon life./
someones man someone wife, someones land someones hight. The next level.
where there’s no need for a rebell to be rebelious/
the next level
where there’s no greed for a civil to be so serious/
What if money wasnt real and your value was your skill, wouldnt you break loose untill you make that mill that awakes that thrill?
Monetary is slowing us up…

Reaching that state where we’re all fallen/
thinking in big steps but we’re all crawling/
We living with hunger but we’re not starwing/
Mediamind as the interruption in our daylife/
feeding the lies from corruption & the fake smiles/
early mournings and the late nights made me think about all that im doing im doing for what?/
whats the point of being openminded when both eyes and ears are shut?/
World will always be like this elliptic cycle/
emerged with fear as we’re equiped with rifles/
So many secrets kept away from people/
coming across them can turn out being lethal/
But i cant help but be a seeker cause if the truth is kept we will end up being weaker/
information flow, who’ll be the speaker?/
let the foundation grow so the students can become the teachers./

/Tonerelated ♫