I ran to IRAN and then I came back.

The first set to be others nemesis, through out hard work and empty promises/
He came and “claimed” what never wasnt his, reaiming, renaming, regainig, it never was a bliss./
let me tell u this…Both of them men with big visions, but one of them made a big prison./
Now the people are alive but not livin, working to survive has cost dreaming./
Search of a bigger strive, lost meaning/.
It worked for a while but not even a judge decline a bribe, ive stopped breathin/
I would like to see open boardes just to see how many's leavin.

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  1. ouuf bland de bästa du skrivit, bringin back the old writings ey? En av mina favoriter ever written by the toooone! Silentone is ch-ch-chiiiillin bless ya mind <3

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