They say its just fictions, something made in a kitchen with designated scientists sharing a vision./
dedicated fighting skills tearing the wizdom.
Resolution before revolution, was their contribution to the ones that lead/
Not only taking notes for the ones that read. But to all that bleeds and feeling the hunger/
aint getting any younger,
so many tools we have been handed, so many new ideas come across to be landed.. taking it for granted./
And when it comes too, the moment of clarity we wish to undo. not living our fantasy , living untrue./
Not where we rather be,confused. Forgot what we’re gathering to come through, now left emptyhanded, unmoved.
so what we gonna do to make it happen?

We all wanna come to a level of standings, standing over or just understanding.
We’re givin the moment, the outcome rereflects our handlings/
Doesnt matter how high u fly if u cant summit the landing/
Its a difference between standing out and bein outstanding/
the next level/ eases.. or complex it all, breath it.. or reject it off!
We see with the common eye, patterns we set up that makes us upset could instead summon life./
someones man someone wife, someones land someones hight. The next level.
where there’s no need for a rebell to be rebelious/
the next level
where there’s no greed for a civil to be so serious/
What if money wasnt real and your value was your skill, wouldnt you break loose untill you make that mill that awakes that thrill?
Monetary is slowing us up…

Reaching that state where we’re all fallen/
thinking in big steps but we’re all crawling/
We living with hunger but we’re not starwing/
Mediamind as the interruption in our daylife/
feeding the lies from corruption & the fake smiles/
early mournings and the late nights made me think about all that im doing im doing for what?/
whats the point of being openminded when both eyes and ears are shut?/
World will always be like this elliptic cycle/
emerged with fear as we’re equiped with rifles/
So many secrets kept away from people/
coming across them can turn out being lethal/
But i cant help but be a seeker cause if the truth is kept we will end up being weaker/
information flow, who’ll be the speaker?/
let the foundation grow so the students can become the teachers./

/Tonerelated ♫

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