And there I was

It was a sunday afternoon. It was any give day. Nothing special. The weather was cold, it was spring.I was on my way to a friend. As I stood by the road to do the left and right check before i crossed it, the wind touched my face in such delicate way I cannot explain. I closed my eyes as if it was a tender touch from a loved one. I was paralyzed. Somehow it was like I was reborn. I know this sounds dramatic but that wind kind of cleansed me. When I opened my eyes it was snowing. The first snow of that winter. In minutes it started to snow and snow and snow. At a point i couldnt even see my own hand.. Suddenly it all stopped. The sky opened and everything went still.

At that point the magnitude struck me. The world is a magical place, and this all can not be just coincidence. If I can exist if all this can exist then everything that can come to my mind can exist.

I reached my friends place and as I was walking up his lawn he opened the door and he said “Soheil did you see how it snowed ? wet from all the snow as I was i replied “no but i did take a shower with my clothes on”.  Laughter.

You see I can go on and on about the taste of the cofé we drank after, the talks that we had , the rich colors we made to the sound of the melody we created that day. But none of them will make you feel or see what I did that day.

Cause we all have our own epiphany in our own way.
true change comes from within at moments we do not control.

So if I compare life with a thought i’d say there’s many ways to speak it/
and what comes out of it is how we treat it/ It will be even more convincing when we believe it/ becomes bigger when you give it and then retrieve it/ and to understand that the outcome in our minds is how we perceive it to be/

So However you please to live your life that is your destiny/

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