Broken cellphone :(

So I woke up a couple of days ago and my cellphone was completely dead.. it wasnt the battery.. at first i thought.. well i have to put it in service.. but as the days went (as i was on my vacation when it happened) I came to the conclusion.. it’s true all my pictures are in there.. good and bad memories.. lots of things that sort of are memories.. though i have the importent memories within me.. I came to the conclusion that instead of fixing it I will buy a new one.. and get that real fresh start.. since im moving to a new city and really starting a new chapter in my life.. the cellphone and all in it that will probably bring me back to some parts i feel is in the past.. will now not be able to do that.. a real new start… the important stuff can never be erased cause they live on in me.. for eva and evaaaa.

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