Do you think about me?

To never let go, be the magician together set those, spells in to action.
Spelled from a fraction. Telled in a contraction , felled in attraction.
Do you ever think about, me, when you walk the clouds.
cause the weather is free from the proud high heads, fed all the bowed tied threads to the allowed eyes led towards the sky, when we get stroked by the drops the vowed sky shed.
To at least give me one day and one night and let my downlows start with a sunlight.
See even if im not there to remind you, I do think about you.
I never drink without you. You from the start of my root to the end of my salute.
Brothers, as the days ran away we became older, some went away and some grew closer/
And we’ll never be so far apart that we cant physically or mentally reach a friend, and for those who went away know that we dont come with boarders, be safe till we meet again.
Remeniss over us back then, we all in a gerny and everyday we’re packing. Memories, knowledge, wizdom or whatever we’re lacking.

You maybe in a state when you feel that you give and give and never get no. Then i will tell you what a wise man once told me, and that’s to never let go. Never let those specific moments set those eliptic supposings to get form. In a shape from which you never can escape or transform. A mans warmth doesnt come from a mans norms, and as it can stand storms with his hands worned he will expand force to the limit where he will forever withstand remorse.

For those who have figgured it out. That in life we have the control to stand still or be on the roll.
To give in to a life we choose to live in.
To surround us to things that bounds us.
To let us be happy even if we have times when everything feels crapy.

To all my loved ones know that even if im not always there to let you know. I do think about you.

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