Good energy

To be passionate about what you do. I always thought that the opposite of Love is hate. But it’s not. The opposite of Love is Fear. And through fear hate evolves as a branch. When we are afraid we become more withdrawn, and it even affects our dna and the entire energi vibrations we send out. And yes,it can be measured.
It’s out of fear we somewhat get mentally handicapped. Not daring to search for that job, ask for that favor, tell the truth, ask that person out. If we choose not to do from fear, we have lost it to begin with. The only thing that can happen is that you have to start from square one, but you’ve gained experience.

let me explain the way I do it best.

Passion – Without asking and not afraid to be flashin the glow it gives you. Live through passion, cause whatever happens, weather you continue fly forever or directly come down crashing. Passion – Let it come, compassion. Attraction is a natural thing that happens when you do it with… yeah u know where this is going.. Passion. 5 + 4 is 9, 6 + 3 is also 9. So the outcome is the same but there are different ways to get there.

We owe it to ourselves to not be afraid of life. If you’re not happy 6 days out of 7 then you are not where you should be or doing what you should do.

With your good energy comes a chain reaction of good things.

Law of attraction comes with passion.

”The greatest gift in life is life itself” If you can read this, you are alive, and that is amazing if you think about it. We take so much for granted. we tend to forget that we can smell, we can touch, we can feel, we can see!

In this universe of chaos searching for balance, a planet formed in the middle of nowhere.. and after million of years of heat and lava and rain and more rain.. and all that.. something (all animals , us included) lives that can see. Some say its the universe way to perceive itself and i believe so too. We are all as one. We have developed a ”self-awareness” where we define ourselves as a person, individually. But we are connected in a far more profound way. And the day we realize that everything will change.

One of the most powerful words in the world are ”I AM” cause whatever you put after it shapes your life.

I am happy, I am conscious, I am kind, I am loyal, I am driven, I am outgoing, I AM.

And so are you 😉

And hug more! Hugs are the best!

I sound like a hippie now I know. It’s way beyond my sleeptime since im working tomorrow. But I like talking to myself like this. Its like when I write In the end of everything I sometimes come to my own conclusion after all is written and not before.

Life works in mysterious ways and because we live it.. we do too.

Off I go.

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