Portray the image in the mirror

I get… what you’re trying to tell me when our eyes met.
Imagine the image of me in your imagination imagining amazingness.
We’re not so different but in indifference living with differences.
Something’s been missing, I tell it to myself all the time, but sometimes don’t listen.
Stay strong, do it by myself, but in reality I sleep with wishes for someone to patch up these stitches.
With closed eyes, more lies I see within myself and generate more smiles. For a while.
For a while there I thought you had me, gladly. Sadly for a while.
I know we have our differences but the differens is we live in different sens of reality.
Passionate within, rational will win when we realize the way we treat each other is considered a sin.
Follow your dreams.. So I followed. swallowed in streams, I bottled.
Let love be your engine, faith be your ending. And If it ever come across no more pretending.
No more pretending.

The person I see infront of me, is me yet it’s not me. It’s my perception of a reality. My reality.
Something I’ve awaited, something I’ve debated,something I’ve rated,something I’ve weighted, translated and something I’ve related.
someone I loved, someone I hated ,someone I robbed, someone I stated, someone I mobbed.. all and all someone I’ve created.

Me being me should be the easiest thing right? wrong.
How can one finnish an album when you yet dont know all the chords of the songs?
Working on it..
..You see
I will never give up you.
Because Man in the mirror, I’m the one you should live up too.

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