Rules and regulations

Sunlight streaming through my window on this mid day in the middle of october. Though it’s cold outside the octobersun through the window is warm. Gently the stroke of warmth and the smell of cofé with the ocean as a view gives me a touch of calmness and harmony.
The only thing that is destroying this perfect moment is the songs on the radio. Some cheezy love songs. Hold on I will go put on some good songs instead.
And now I’m back!
Not long ago me and a very close friend of mine were talking about how ”time has changed” and ”that the world isn’t what it was”. That the summers don’t even smell as they used too. As if the world is losing it’s scent. Maybe it’s us?
It’s funny that humans are the most intelligent creatures in this planet but doing the most foolish actions. We are so taken about how to live that we forget about ”how not too live” Or taken about our own wellbeing right now so we don’t think about future generations.
Will the world become just like one of those futuristic Hollywood movies where the world is a dead place where cities are runned like countries, runned by their own government and chaos?
The word ”government” is a interesting one also.
It’s actually two words if you think about it. ”Govern” and ”ment” as in mentality. To controll mentality in other words.
It’s funny how things are sometimes as clear as the day infront of us, but that our perception of reality is so affected that we mostly don’t see whats really infront of us.
Rules and regulations are there because we put them there. The lines to set to seperate countries are there because we put them there.
Norms, laws, ideals are all there because WE put them there and that with time they’ve taken root and grown to be what they are.
So, the question is this:
Are we really living a life chosen by us or are we living a life set and shaped for us? From ideas by people back then who not only set the phrame we live by but also the formation and shape the society we live in today. That is the question.
The choices we do today are they really absolut? Are we really as free as we think we are? Just because we can decide to go somewhere and buy some things does it mean we are really free? Or is it just the illusion of that we’ve been handed? think about it.

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