Speaking in tongues

Many things happen to frequently as we only believe in what we can see to just be a coincidence,
Like when things go wrong and end with dubious incidences, it’s obvious they never were implements from the act of effect/
React and select, dispatch then reject the impact from neglecting the exact reflect in the abstract expecting as we pass that aspect/
Like it’s a given roll and we cast that defect/
Wanting it all to be so beautiful, flaunting my life in a song so I can call it ”the musical”/
The feeling is mutual, not living in lies but being true to all/
To proud to take some advice just to later on be the one paying the price/
For the greater addiction you sold your soul, now u be the one telling yourself ”I told you so”/
Nothing is really too old to grow/
Speaking in tongues, reaching for air deep in my lungs preaching my wrongs like then I do me right/
Denial has been my groupie twice!/

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