A period of work!

28 december, 2009

Christmas is always a period of rush for eveyone. If you're working you also know that the work kinda doubles. And during this period all ive done is work.. That's also one of the reasons a brotha been a goner. We also set a record these days in my town for my town.. you with? We got about 1 meter snow in 2-3 days! Let me show you!

As you can see its not to play with.

But it's all good cause it's all love! And for those who were dreaming for a white christmas.. guess their wish was granted..

So the next rush and things to do is New year which is pritty soon. Hope you all have a had a nice christmas and will have a nice New years eve! much love!


Ova and out

  1. Svara


    28 december, 2009

    Working class hero, i feel for you. But don't forget that you work to live and not live to work. also…snow is not love! snow is the product of pure evil. if snow was love then snow would not be cold, not melt and it would taste kinda like cotton candy. <br />let me repeat, snow is not love. period.

  2. Svara


    30 december, 2009

    Damn, I'm complaining about the snow in Germany, but here…Already have to wear three pairs of socks, up there, how many do you wear? Is there actually people on the street or are they organizing chimney party? Maybe you should think about it, a concept of chimney parties were people will dance around a wild fire , you would be behind a huge fire wall and mix some nice tunes to keep people warm! Peace bro and Merry Xmas a bit late

  3. Svara


    4 januari, 2010

    Haha Ayo! Yes so now you know…. There are always others that has it worse 😛 We organize many parties maaan.. you should join us sometime! miss u man.. hope u had a great new years eve!


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