Cup of Coffee – Cup of conversation

That fresh brewed cup of coffee, sweet lights, good environment and a nice topic.
Let it be my treat, cause that good conversation is food for the soul that I’ll eat. Priceless.
As we contemplate over what next to conversate, the essence of our presence fill the room. nicest.
No thoughts about where it will lead. Yet we follow that little seed, planted somewhere in our history to grow and become the present conversation that will feed, our eager, hungry heads for hours. Conversations with flavor like sweet and sour.
Arome of the brown gold. Energy tenfolds.
As we continue, we don’t realize we’re driven into this work created by us. Everything is real, everything we feel in that moment is that food for the soul and we’re enjoying a meal.
Toodiloo, scoobydoo, dobidoo, howwedo.
Laughter. I think I understand now. Things may be predesigned but we are the crafters.
One step ahead, after.
As we create our own reality, realizing that the realest realism is not from the realist. Cause If We can get real for a moment in all realness, to become really enlightened and live the most realest. You need to realize that everything starts from a point where ”that thing” was unreal. unexplored and not in existence. So for it to become consistent, you have to understand that in the middle of ”A to B” there is an alternative reality, and realize that though A & B exist in the middle there is a distance. And that it is as much forever as it is instant.
Refill, we feel, time is ticking but in a way we’re still. glans on the phone, its all right thought cause tonight we’re beyond our comfort zone.
And on it goes. We paint pictures with words with our tongues as pencils on this empty canvas of time and room. Engaged to the moment we being the bride and groom.

The night is young and there is plenty more of that good coffee, a good conversation. And when we’re done we can sit back relax and enjoy our creation.

Thank you for letting me buy you a cup of coffee.

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