Funny thing about love

Is that I see you in almost 80 % of songs out there in all languages. Made me think. We seek love but not always really know what we seek of.

Hear me out. Everything we do is because we think or we know it will makes us feel in a way. Going on a fast drive you know its gonna give u a kick, adrenaline. Going to a fine restaurant you know it’s going to be pleasant and probably tasteful. Even if you are a sadist you know hurting yourself is a feeling, if so a bad one but in that case bad is good..

Do we seek love because we need love? Or do we seek love because in the form of feel love is a strong, possibly the strongest one and there for it is widely spoken of, written about, encouraged and shown in all kinds of movies.

And if I get to add one more thing. To love in combo with feelings we search.
When you love doing things. playing the guitar, read, work out, collect items, skydiving.. what not.. you get a feeling when you actually take the initiative and do those things.
But to be in love and feel strong towards a person and that person loves you back. Then you are able to feel love without lifting a finger. In forms of surprises your loved one made for you. Or a notes she/he leaves behind in the name of love. Or wake you up with breakfast in the morning. Or the single kiss on the forehead before they go off to work and you are home sick.

Things we do for eachother. this is equivalent to the art of giving. If you feel joy from giving. Then in the moment when you give you get something. Joy, pride, happiness, compassion and so on.. And if from you giving then getting something back. Then by you giving then getting, not only have you doubled the joy, but you have quadrupled it. Why? Cause you feel joy, tthe other person feels joy by you giving.. then that person feels joy from giving something back and you feel joy by getting it.. thus 4 times the joy.

Evolve backwards evlove as in eventually love. As in when nothing becomes something. And through the name of love we can grow.

And that my friends, I believe why LOVE is so important to us. It makes us strive, grow, develop, evolve, inspire, self-reflect and be passionate about things. Even makes us stop being selfish. Unconditional love.

So if by giving you could quadruple something.. then don’t forget to give..

Don’t forget to give love 😉

Silent tone – The melody you don’t hear with your ears but feel with your heart. The beat thats not played by tunes but by your heart. Silent Tone the inner song built by your conscious mind.


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