Gotta tell ya something

So I let it be dark. Been working so much I've been losing my spark. My cruizin been parked.
But I gotta…. To survive..
Funny that I don't feel alive when I'm alive.
Gotta claim change and retain dignity.
Regain energy to repaint our legacy.
Cause as we do exist.. living this way we will never be.
I am a universe with a thirst, endless directions with a burst.
Set aim from the earth and be on a search.
Cause if life's worth dieing for then dieing's worth living more.
Letting soar fragile moments that we have getting toared by our obscure state of mind, and be behind.
When as humans we can even be ahead of time.
So tell me this: When given the endless why do we set a line?
Why do we get a fine defined by the gathered swines, designed without a spine, denighed by the shattered sight inside the patterned signs…. What matters my.. contribution.
we're supposed to be in conscious times but instead we live in mass confusion.
Let there be light.
I gotta tell ya something.

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