Groovy baby!

The story to tell. Like when the devil asked me if I had a soul to sell. I told him I gotta have a place in heaven cause i’m already going through hell.  And how poorly he fell in to my agenda, and if he wanted a receiver he would have to have a sender. Let it go..

When losing focus  we need to concentrate and when the answer is simple we need to complicate. Not really.. why so serious , i need my fix… got silly?
Tickle the typical with some hot chili! ooo weee , its burning.. im just getting my earnings. And the more i learn the more i forget so now i cant see the big picture only the silhouette. aaaa shiet. like a game of roulette you win some, lose more but once it hits your bet, you’re set and life becomes a great gourmet.

Listning to slow songs to relax my mind and pass some time as everything around is changing.
Arranging for the better no matter if you’re a staller or a go getter, we all have times when head’s high or we’re crawling in the same sweater.

I would lie if I would say that I didnt like the sound we make pumping through the speakers.
Just like i love jumping around doing moves i really dont know in my new sneakers.
Jeepers Creepers , sneaky creatures sneaking up from behind, freaky features. Same people who wanna  stop wiki leakers! Preventing the truth seekers to reach their only goal to fill up the all mighty hole of truth and enlighten the soul of youths.

The greatest gift in life is life itself..

So thank you! Thank you mom, Thank you dad..  Thank you grandmothers and fathers.. And their grandparents for getting their groove on so we can move on in the cycle of life…

Groovy baby!

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