Happy for a day

Happy that I was happy for a day, like unhappy was my living unhappy was my way.
Had to go away but all I wanted was to stay. This was no game I wanted to involve in but the game i had to play.
So many things in my head but I did not know exactly how to say, words in a manner with which I will convey what I truly felt inside and not stuck in these shades of gray.
Reflecting my emotions on these worned out strings, with torned out wings I try to fly over this shore that bring some sens of reality back to this poor mans king.
Land of wizdom, the land where we were able to freely think, but as we lost our sens of reality the land start to shrink.
Your highness, the land needs a shrink.
Can you define or be defined in the eye of a blink?
can you design the sign from a line in a ring?
Do I have to make to… make.. sens.. in able to make sens? Or is it only your perception that makes it possible for you to understand me?
can we make the impossible , possible just because we want too?
Will our biggest fear always be there to haunt you?
Or the reflection in the mirror taunt you?
The same word can have different meaning depending on what they weigh.
So I ask myself do I know happiness if I only had it for a day?

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