I am because you are

No one is funny if there is noone there to laugh at it.
No one is alone if the absence of someone isnt real.
No one is beautiful if there is no other eyes there to see it.
so its only in the presence of another that it becomes a fact.
so I am.. because you are.

There are somethings we wanna say, but we don’t because we dont know the outcome of what might happen.
There are some things we wanna do, but we don’t because we dont know the outcome of what might happen.

So we play it safe. We play it so safe so it in the end becomes something dangerous. Dangerous in a way that we instead of siezing the day we watch it pass. And we get so used to not too do all the things that lyes within us so we don’t ask ourselfs what if. And of course, we also make up excuzes why it is for the better that we didn’t.

What if I told you that world as we know it would end in 2 years. What would you do? Would you then start doing all the things you didn’t before? So what is the difference? Cause one day there will only be 2 more years for you to live..But then the energy and the value of doing it wont be the same.

There is a theory.. You write down 10 things the night before that you have to do the next day. And you do that for 2 months. And really do it.. And then on the second month you continue write down 10 things but during 1 month you cannot do any of them.. The idea is that you realize the value of doing the stuff..

I know we ”always have tomorrow”.. But one day just as that vacation you were at last summer.. sitting on the plane on your way to your destination thinking ”ooh we going to have so much fun”, and suddenly you on the plane back home thinking ”oh my god the days went by so fast, its like we never were there”.. We will get old (hopefully) and then just like the vacation we will come to think.. damn.. it all went so fast..

So sieze the day and then set it free.. But for your own grace… don’t hold back from life.

It is one thing to live by the concequences from ones actions.. But it’s another to be concequent from no actions.


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