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Just did it

11 december, 2015


Just did it.  Commited.  Never quit it. The way I hit. Sideways, never having mild days. Very soft or wild ways. Balance comes in other. My second half,  my brother.  Completely, me + me only way to complete me.
Traveler within, my world is my spirit let the movement begin.
Some get wet others feel rain, some regret other feel the pain. Some reset other feel the same. Either way connected in the feeling chain.. reaction. Chain reaction free your brain and let the mind follow. Filled with so much or empty hollow. 
So many colors to color with the color in, this world where the pen is stronger that a lot of things. 
Blind leading the blind and I’m try not to be following.
Body & mind my buddy and I, not afraid getting muddy and try the magic zone outside our cuddling lives.

To be continued.

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11 december, 2015

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18 oktober, 2014


Soheil Honarmand
Gothenburg / Skellefteå

When asked "where are you from"? I always like to say "where I'm from is not as important as where I am and where I'm going". I like to see myself as a person of earth. Not bound to the boarders/lines (borderline?) set around countries. I believe in being a good person. You know. One of those who always try to do what's right. Even if it means doing something wrong believing it's the right thing. We learn, and we evolve. I am a creative person. My mind sometimes wanders off and I love sharing those moments with people around me which most of the time results in "life happens". "If not now, then when?" Is a sentence that's got stuck in my head lately. Makes me more of a go getter. Because if not now, then when? In the name of enjoying the things in life: Let's do this!