L.O.V.E Used to be

Never knew love could be this delicate, a drug from which you would never quit. More addictive then chocolate.
Even the tired ones get up early to make you some omelet. When love is in control we’re all its puppets. Love as a Puppeteer there’s no way to stop it.
And when the end is near,  let love be the bundle of joy that we all share.
Love suppose to make you the richest person in the world wihtout making profet.
Nowadays even that is a business-suit without any pockets.
So can you blame the people if they put their hearts in a safetybox and throw away the keys right after they lock it?

We’re trying to hard to not be trying, but who are we trying to fool?
Ache is the brand and love is its label.
Love is a rollecoaster that kinda in the start and the end only is stable. And it all starts from the string getting cut from the navel.

Love is what you want love to be, love can either make you feel inprisonated or forever free.
Love is what you want love to be, love can either make you sane or invigorate insanity.
Love is what you want love to be. Period.

Never the less forever we stretch the boundary without any boundaries.
And if you’re ever wondering how it would feel to ever really feel love, you gotta first ask yourself, when love is in your grasp can you ever free love?
That is the real freedom.

We say that we love birds flying so freely but then we put them in cages.
We say we love the colors in flowers but then we pluck’em and watch as the colors fading.
We say that in the name of love I love you the most. But in the dinner of hurt we be the host.Degrading.

It is what it is so we’re taking it slow.
Love used to be love but now its something else and something we all undergo.
so.. If you ever find true love…. please… please let me know.

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