Party of two

Candles lit, searching a way to handle it. Eye contacts if I could I would sample it. Put it in a melody and make the example lit.
Ask her why it’s called cham”pagne” when it brings nothing but pleasure. im game.
Start to mesure how this moments is a pricesless treasure.
One kiss on the sholder feed her some fruit, tell her she’s cute.
See her blush, then do the finger hush, before i salute.
The party of two. The party of me, the party of you. one part of me.. the other of you.
dedicated for us, to make this locomotive get going we need to throw in more trust. And let us be the chorus.
I don’t know no magic but this hokus pokus makes me lose focus.. cause around you girl i kinda get lost.
And i know if I don’t keep my head cool it’ll come with a cost.
And we don’t want that.
So I run laps, all of’em in my head, tryina figgure out how I can follow the thread to be one step ahead. Not be the one that misled, to be around with you.
Walk the grounds with you. Even when we touch sky high be the one that gets down with you.. In the deps of silence make a sound with you.
How does that sound to you?


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