I just came to say hello. I am that man. Not the one i used to be. Then again things are not what they used to be.
I don’t have all the answers nor do I wish I did. I am not in a grayzone neither amongs the colors of the rainbow. I am one in all and all in one. My mind is flowing through time and space while my body is on one spot. Longing, thinking, wishing..
It’s like the flow of water running along a river trying to find its way to the ocean.

I let the scent of my surrounding hold me on paus for a while. ”candlelight, all around us, dark room, the song, bedroom eyes meeting eachother.Letting my face slowly touch yours. Next to your cheek, let my lips run along your face then to your neck.. kissing your sholders. My hands on your back.. slowly going down side by side of that silkysmooth skin as I press you towards me and as our lips meet we hold our breaths. Letting our lips be the gateway as our souls combines.

I continue.

The factor that do not change. Time. I surfe on the surface of time. Do i ever look back? Yes. Does it ever hold me back? yes. Still i am one with time. The factor that do not change. Memories dont live like people do, oh no. We live in the present in an absent future in mind. Time. I salute you. Cause whether the weather is with or against me. I’ll get there.. due time.

Time i put you on reverse and emiT life.

See you on the other side.

I am a continuant factor and due time, will I ? … I will change.


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