Simple things

The complexity of what is naturally natural comes sometimes hard for us. To understand the simplicity of what time has presented for us. Tevolution – Things time take to evolve. Personality, persona, per person.
We search for that deeper purpose. That big meaning in life. That thing that we wanna strive for. They say sky’s the limit. But I wanted to be an astronaut. What’s meaningful is the depth of perception you have towards things. Does the universe judge you for what is important? No. It’s all in our perception of importance. We are shaped and formed partly from the society we live in, forgetting that our own ideas are not always our own, but ideas of others we subliminally made ours. Authority. If a doctor in a commercial recommends a product, what’s your natural respond if someone has a problem that one particular product could fix? Recommendation. Not knowing actually anything of it.
Simple things in it’s complexity. Mankind and it’s anatomy. The pollinisation from bees to flowers. The awareness, the moonlight. Is it so complex really? Or is it just that because WE are simple, we can’t grasp the simplicity that has been presented for us?

What wonders have we salved in 100 years? in 1000 years? will quantum physics be as clear as how to brew coffee?
Time will tell. i don’t know. But what I do know.. is that in all complexity the most beautiful things are the simple things.

Love, compassion, empathy, friendship, honesty, caring, philanthropy, thoughtfulness….

Simple things, yet so complex.

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