Special times

Have you ever come to a place where your mind and senses feel a little bit foggy/dull..
like something compress your state of mind in a way that the “energy flow” doesnt flow as it should or used too?

I've had a period like that but tonight i felt that it released. Why? I suppose that it was the curve of life's rollercoaster that played it's part.. cause just as “what goes up must come down”, What goes down must go up. Cause if we aut to belive that the universe works for us and looks for balance.. then in the end it will strive for just that.. Balance.. thus what goes up must come down and vice versa,

2009 was a different year. It had its ups and downs but somehow it felt like the downs were heavier.. But i suppose through the gerny of life we will all have times that have either a greater value or a more profound meaning,.

It is not the ingredience alone that makes the meal but all together right?
without bad , good doesnt have the same meaning supposingly.
But at the same time without good bad doesnt appear bad in that bad way either.. So its sort of a paradox (Que pasa paradox. Gente adelante, you know it never stops)

How often do we talk about our grandparents parents really?
once? twice? 5 times? Never?! For those who didnt have famous ones in someway probably don't talk much about them… What does that tell us?

That in 3 generations it'll be like we never existed?

So lets enjoy life. Let us be humble to eachother. Let us not be our own setback..Let us not keep ourselves from doing stuff that we know will make us happy.. Let us see beyond the limitations set by selfish and narrowminded people. Let us be free from selfpitty and make the best out of what we cannot change but only make the best out of.

Call people you think about instead of giving them a though. You will be amazed how much 2 minutes of talk and chit chat makes more then 10 minutes of directed thoughts.
 Even if that also is a beautiful thing.

If you haven't figgured it out yet so yes.. Life is short. Our time here is special. Change is beautiful. For every newborn resembles a change in the world. Something new. And as we are the heart beat of today they will be the heartbeat of tomorrow. We are all an endless energy. And as energy cannot be destroyed only changed.. we CAN make change..And do.. but for the better we must (Yoda would say) And so do I.

Cause neither do mother earth feel good and the people in it. We have the power to change everything around.. A world where meeting a stranger doesnt feel strange and makes you uncomfortable. Where meeting another person gives you a good feeling cause you both are humans and are people that want the best for eachother. Cause you know that together you are strong and can grow and make life easier for one another.

Where did we go wrong?

I come in peace..

Do you?

Much love!







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