The First Page – Open the door and let it in

So many things I wanna say that’s already been said.
So many things i wanna write that’s already been read.
How can I feed a hungry head that’s already been fed?
Need to find the form shaped to be lead, out of desire.
I gotta admire those who rose out of the phrame.
Living with change but deep down staying the same.
Sharing the moments of glory, not laying the clame. Just to double the joy.
Life’s too short so I’m leaving the stain.
If life’s a continuant factor that will not change, what’s the point of going back the way that I came?
Not knowing the outcome and letting the way be the main…. way and not reliving the same day.

A life that was worth it.
a life I didnt forfit.
ways that I worked with..

A life that I worshiped.

Its all at your doorstep.

/Tonerelated ♪ ♫

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