Things you may not know.

Millions of  them.

To know it all means that no more new things are created. And with new thing we get posibility to live through new things. Things you may not know sometims just stay as things you may not know.
And things you get to know takes you to the hey hi whoa. Sometimes it better not to know. Cause somethings we sure can live without. But we can’t live with doubt.
And that’s why we evolve. Cause working our ways revolvs like Earth (which mostly is water, Ironi?) around the sun. The perfect balance to make life as it is.

Im writing this because I can.. Litterally…. I am not an illusion nor a thought or something programmed… how can I be sure?
Because I can 🙂 And there for I am! sure… suuuuure! there is logic and there is illogic. Just like there’s Gin and there is Tonic. And together.. voila.. something new , something eligible.. something that works.. weather your opinion is this or that.

Think about the things you may not know and if you knew, what you then would might known.
Think about all the things in life and the universe that would give you a –wooohaaaa feel good feeling– that you never may know. On the other hand that also means that there would be alot of –god damn it, bad feelings– you would never encounter either.. And once again… Balance.

Cause if one is to believe in evoulution then one knows that it takes time.. Therefor we are physically not going to change as grown ups (for now)… then i dont mean in size… but parts. Then the changes that we do is in the head/mind/mentally, and therefor to know becomes essenital.. To know gives you the power of pinpoint. The art to see beyond what you, yourself really would think or do.
As you probably would do one thing but logic makes you decide to do another. And if one wanted to take this deeper one could also say that whats logical for me is illogical for your. But then its a matter of opinion and not what is logical itself.. For example ”You don’t jump of a 10 story building when you’re on the 10th floor”… And if that is illogical for you…. then jump… You get the picture 😉

Think about all the times you have done something and afterwards said ”If I only had known …….” The situation would been different no?
And that’s the beauty of life.. Beauty of time… It is a continuant factor we cannot change, only make the best out of. Or worse, depending on what state of mind we’re in or how little we know to be able to submit change.

And KNOW backwards is WONK which means;
wonk  (wngk)n. Slang

1. A student who studies excessively; a grind.

2. One who studies an issue or a topic thoroughly or excessively: ”leading a talkathon of policy wonks in a methodical effort to build consensus for his programs”

So to really get to know you somehow first must wonk.  take a bite, take a chunk.

Juuuuust to point out the obvious; You never know till you know..  And if you don’t know now you know! (I had to do it) Whoooppaaa!

Sayonara! khodaa haafez! Ahoj! Auf Wiedersehen! Arrivederci! Ma Salame! Au Revoir! Adios! Aloha! Shalom! Sampai Jumpa! Zai Jian! Zoi Geen! Farvel! Alvida! Rub Rakha! Adeus! Doei! Yasou! La revedere! Totsiens! Bless! farewell!  Hej då!

/To♫erelated ♪

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