Where did it go wrong?

Yes yes you were born beautiful, somehow along the way that became the thing that was crucial.
So many complements you got made you get used to all. But as the future called and you wanted to become a bride you opened your eyes and start searching for the inside.
How was anyone supposed to know you when you changed thoughts frequently? Wanting to be on the same wave but you being on another frequency.
But you’re not the one to blame, as I’m the one looking for stability and you’re the one for change.
Coming with a personality so colorless but still you left a stain.
Tired of the game. Never ending up. Not growing is a shame. Just like some clones , I swear you all the same.
Shallowness taking over like you just got strucked by fame.
Thinking that you know me just because you know my name.
And just because you know me doesn’t mean you feel my pain.
It all feels so distant like there is something in my life that my life is missing.
Stressing through that fragment, so many questions in my head but no one to be asking. With a head on the future what i feel is back then.
When you’re standing still as the reality check strucks by, i’ll be the one that’s passing.
Already been through what you think you’re into, I already know it’ll never last when, you’re a freebird without wings coming down as you’re crashing.
Wanna stay real but hide behind a mask and fast spent thrills.
Your passed sense chills , spending your last cents kills that devoted feeling that you had surpassed your will to forever fulfill your dreams and goals and never let them go to spill. So when you say stay real, whats the deal?
Why killing yourself when all and all, all you want is to feel.

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