Writers block

The fighting sucks, used to write down, now I’m stuck o top.

The words were my garden and I always digged in.
The meanings were my drugs as I watched them Kick in.

Letting that empty canvas portray, your visions, ideas or even your day.
I can’t write so it’s written just for the cause of causality, because if it’s going to be a result of my ideas,
Causality becomes a cause because it’s not written.

Learning words is easy, Shakespeare himself, only in his plays used 50 000 different words. To portray mental pictures with the use of words, that’s the challenge.
So when I am writing you don’t see letters or words you see actual pictures, vivid in your mind. Like you were seeing it live. Almost like daydreaming.

And Shake a spear was excellent at that particular part.

Anyways, to go back to the title of this little novice writing lesson for myself I just created.
If a writer has writers block and write about it, is it a paradox/contradiction?

So many things get written every day. E-mails, speeches, contracts, ideas, letters, poetry, lyrics, anecdotes, suggestions, diaries, punch lines, reminders, bucket lists you name it.

The important thing is that we have a verbal language. With tongue or pen. As it complicates life it makes it easier. Communication. Sometimes too much communication so that instead of understanding each other we become even more confused.

But as long as we can write, we can read, and if we can read we can understand and if we can understand we
Can explain, and to explain is to help and to be helpful you have to have heart (not the physical one)
And to be able to do all of the above you need to have an intellect. And if we have an intellect we can think rationally.

Unfortunately to read is easer then to write.
To destroy is easier then to create.

Mankind needs to unite. Self-preservation may have the word self in it. But we are in this together. One planet so many opportunities. How would the world have looked if the people involved with the Manhattan project, instead of creating something of destruction took all their knowledge all their determination and created something that created instead of destroyed?

”Many things get said and done, but when everything is said and done more is often said than done”

The WORD is out there – Spread it


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